Fayrefield Foods work tirelessly with approved creameries to find the very best cheese to meet our requirements.  Our onsite ‘Cheese Grader’ ensures all of our cheese is specially selected, taking into account the flavour, characteristics and functionality.

Graded at the creamery and graded again on arrival at our production site, we only select the very best.

Fayrefield House

Opened in 2013 Fayrefield House encompasses 4 state of the art production lines.  2 Production lines focus soley on foodservice products sizes ranging from 5kg, 2.5kg blocks to 1.25kg and 900gm blocks of cheese.

The other 2 production lines focus soley on retail size block from 350gm down to 125gm.

We take pride in the packing of our Colliers, Cardinal and Minstrel brands, continuing the hard work already done through the grading process.

We also offer an ‘own’ brand service for the larger volumes.

Fayrefield House has a pallet capacity of 4960 with chilled and frozen storage capabilities.

We work with a vast array of manufacturers and aswell as selecting cheese for our own production, we carefully select products from approved suppliers that not only suit the need of Fayrefield Foods but also of our customers, ensuring quality is at the forefront of our minds.